Why is collaboration important in the aquaculture industry?

The aquaculture industry consists of many players who must coordinate and communicate with each other to operate fish farming. Each actor has their own specialist expertise that contributes to the overall picture, ensuring good living conditions for the fish, streamlining operations and limiting the environmental footprint. With many players involved in the process, there is a great need for communication with each other across businesses.

Collaborationcan streamline operations‍200D↩

Good communication across businesses can often be difficult because the businesses have internal communication and reporting systems. When stakeholders need to work together across businesses, there is a great need for communication. This often takes place through traditional phone calls or emails, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Facilitating interaction between different businesses can therefore help to streamline communication and processes. 

Anteo mapping tool makes collaboration easier

At Anteo, collaboration is a key value that guides us both in the development of solutions for our customers and in our internal work processes. Through collaboration, we have the opportunity to see problems from different angles so that we can solve the problem with a holistic perspective.

Bringing all the players together on a common electronic interface for planning, implementation and documentation can streamline interaction across the players. With the Anteo mapping tool, you can see and share information that is necessary for working across businesses. Changes made in the tool are immediately made available to the other actors. The latest version of the plan is indisputable! The tool can therefore help to save large amounts of time by avoiding unnecessary phone calls, emails and continuous follow-up between actors, which also contributes to more precise information and communication. By having all the players together in one place, you can easily update the parties so that the processes are streamlined. 

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