Document fish health through Anteo FishJrnl

Fish health is an aspect of fish farming that is receiving increasing attention both within the industry and from the outside world. The Journal Regulations regulate what must be documented in connection with the farming and handling of fish. In the past, record keeping has mainly been done with pen and paper. Handwritten records can be more difficult to aggregate for comparison and analysis, which can make fish health work more challenging. 

How can Anteo FishJrnl modernize record keeping?

One of Anteo's core values is sustainability, both within the company and in relation to the solutions we develop. That's why we have developed the FishJrnl solution together with players in the aquaculture industry. This solution will help to:

  • Streamline record keeping
  • Meet requirements set in the journal regulations
  • Facilitate the collection of fish health data

FishJrnl makes it possible to register data related to fish health in a digital journal so that the information can be collected in one place. By having the records together, the data can be more easily analyzed and compared across different fish groups, farms and generations. The collected data can therefore be supportive information in decision-making processes related to fish health. In addition, we at Anteo facilitate the integration of our solution with other solutions so that you can analyze the data as you wish.

Anteo FishJrnl summarized:

  • A tool for veterinarians and fish health biologists working with fish health
  • Gathers fish welfare data in one place
  • Streamlines the work of record keeping 
  • The data can be used to support decision-making

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