Internet-based real-time system for planning, monitoring and notification


Decision support systems for sustainable maritime industry.

Anteo is a company that develops decision support systems that will contribute to the sustainable development of the Norwegian aquaculture industry. We deliver real-time solutions for monitoring and notification of activities that may be in conflict with the biosafety principle, at the same time as the solutions will contribute to proposals for risk-reducing measures.

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Anteo Logistics

Anteo's logistics tools provide access to vessels, sensors, data and reports that increase decision support and streamline information retrieval and sharing. It provides a unique opportunity to compare data for locality or vessel, which in turn can be used to develop production and make the logistics around cargo and documentation related to the transport of biological material easier.

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Anteo Fish Health

Our tools for fish health ensure fast and accurate registration of fish welfare indicators as well as government-required lice counts and a simple, precise and secure record keeping of fish health data.

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News & Updates

Ongoing Projects

DETERMINED - Decision support for efficient and environmentally friendly sea transport of fish feed in the aquaculture industry.

The project will raise efficiency and environmental friendliness in aquaculture logistics through the development of an intelligent and data-driven decision support system for planning fish feed distribution

Completed Projects

Preventive measures for reduced spread of infection between aquaculture facilities and vessels (TRESS)

In this project, a web-based real-time system will be developed for monitoring and assessing activities in the aquaculture industry that may be in conflict with biosafety principles.


Anteo is stepping up - has hired four new ones

The Rørvik company Anteo has come out well from the pandemic where the new hires come as a consequence of increased assignments and customer access, as well as conscious investment in new systems aimed at fish health and fish welfare.