Anteo RE

Anteo RE is a VMS system that simplifies statutory position reporting for vessels over 15m in addition to automatic monitoring of valve status, bottom hatches, ballast operations and the use of UV on water treatment. Installed on the RE unit is the Anteo software for collecting NMEA data from the navigation systems on the bridge as well as other sensor data.

The solution is an approved solution for statutory reporting to the Directorate of Fisheries.

Anteo RE can be used with the Anteo Map Tool. In the mapping tool, the boats move "live" with color codes red / green / yellow which shows the status of the boats, respectively open / closed / semi-closed valves. Historical driving is also available in the map tool.

Automatic detection of AIS and NMEA data feeds on LAN and RS232.

2 years local storage of historical data.

Automatic position reporting to the Directorate of Fisheries.

Collects data from sensors and onboard systems.

This product has been developed in line with the following of the UN's sustainability goals

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