Anteo FishJrnl

FishJrnl is a user-controlled system for simple, precise and secure record keeping of fish health data. The system contains reporting styles for standard health checks where laws and regulations set formal requirements. The reports are filled in on mobile devices such as PC / tablet / mobile and do not require continuous internet access. As a result, time spent on record keeping is reduced and access to data is streamlined.

The journal system can be used independently, but Anteo also facilitates the use of BI solutions so that the system can be operated together with existing systems. If you use, for example, Anteo FishCtrl, data that has been registered can be linked directly into the journal report. The system facilitates to make analyzes / keep statistics over time so that it will be easier to conduct preventive fish health work.

Health report food fish

Health report juvenile fish

Risk assessment treatment

Treatment report food fish

Assistant statement

Communication report

Standard prescription and transfer prescription

Open report

This product has been developed in line with the following of the UN's sustainability goals

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