Anteo FishCtrl

Anteo FishCtrl is a user-controlled system consisting of an app and a management system. The system ensures fast and precise recording of welfare indicators in fish. The data is recorded digitally in the app/pad/pc from the first moment so that you avoid additional work. The features of the app have been developed in collaboration with the industry, and include, among other things, individual control based on Fishwell's rating scales. Other features are lice counting, deworming in and out, autopsy and dead fish and more. During deworming, personnel can make simple adjustments along the way in the process that provide control over the situation, which in turn can reduce mortality. The records are made precise, while the processes are perceived as time-saving for the personnel. The data is secured in our system and does not require continuous internet access.

The app is easy to use and is designed to be user-friendly out in the field.

The system ensures direct and secure storage of data, which provides a good basis for further analysis and monitoring of fish development over time. Anteo facilitates the use of BI solutions so that the system can be operated together with existing systems as the customer may wish.

Lice counting


Individual control sea

Individual control setfish

Length/Weight and Dead Fish

Swimming speed

Gill score


This product has been developed in line with the following of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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