Anteo Map Tool

Anteo mapping tool provides access to vessels, sensors and decision support within the map. It provides a unique opportunity to compare data for locations or vessel. In the mapping tool, the arrival logs are presented on behalf of locations  and the position of own/hired vessels in real time.

There is functionality for retrieving historical data with the possibility of generating reports. The system also collects daily reports on weather data, disease status and disease zones in the different areas/locations.

The map tool includes the Live Tracking feature where the vessels move in real time in the map. When integrated with the on-board management system, tracking distinguishes information about the vessel's use of valves (well water/ ballast water). This includes information on water treatment.

The location owner can easily design their own feeding fleet, and in this way communicate to third-party suppliers for the distribution of feed, water replenishment, diesel, as well as placement of mooring and silage tank.

Live mapping tool containing all aquaculture related businesses and resources

Continuous import and presentation from the Coast Guard AIS network.

Continuous import and presentation from established data sources in locations, also provided by third-party vendors.

Continuous import and presentation from live fish carriers, feed boats, and silage boats about open/closed/semi-closed traffic

Event generator and automatic notification at limit values.

Updated disease status at locations and established disease zones

Real-time view of vessels

This product has been developed in line with the following of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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