Anteo Logifish

Logifish is a complete tool that takes care of the management of logistics, cargo and documentation related to the transportation of feed, fish, silage and other biological material. When installing Anteo-RE, the system will provide information about the execution of tasks by live fish carriers, service boats, feed boats and silage boats in real time. The system provides a complete electronic voyage report that can be easily shared internally as well as with third parties. If desired, the system contains tracking information including valve status in accordance with regulations on the transport of aquaculture animals.

Establish Time Charter down to the minute level, possibly further charter boats.

Update vessels with information quickly and easily.

Create assignments directly or based on customer needs.

Function for planning routes with the possibility of integration against established slaughter plans/production plans.

Complete trip report that includes route, time and valve status.

A cross-party platform in the logistics context.

This product has been developed in line with the following of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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